Our purpose:

Before the product launches the market, we want to know more about the product experience. These experiences may be good or bad, and they are very important to us. We want to have these real customer feedback, not just our laboratory, engineers and company staff feedback. The test samples we provide are brand new, not engineering samples, and 100% FREE.

How to join us?

To join Conmdex Landing program, please submit the application form here. And if you could tell us more stories/opinion for the product you ever used, we will be greatful. We will get back to you on your application as soon as possible.

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USB-C Headphone Adapter(Designed for Google Pixel 3)Google Wi-Fi Wall Mount (release in OCT)2 in 1 USB-C Headphone and Charger Adapter (release in OCT)Conmdex Hard Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

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Q: In what way will I get the free test sample?

A:  After submit the application, we will notify you every time we launch new products. You will be guided to purchase them from Amazon and get reimbursed from us later